Is The Nappy Collective a charity?

We are a community based, not for profit run mostly by volunteers. While we are based out of Melbourne we have volunteer committees across Australia and continue to grow. Financial donations to The Nappy Collective support the work of diverting all donated nappies to families that need it most and are tax deductible.

Leftover nappies?

It is not unusual for a baby or toddler to grow out of a size of nappy part way through a packet or box of nappies. Parents may have tried or accidentally purchased a new brand which didn’t suit their child or they might have left spare nappies in a different bag, in the car or at the grandparents’ house only to find that once again their child had grown out of them. Parents usually pass these smaller nappies on to a friend, keep them for their next child or sadly even throw them away.

What are the core principles of The Nappy Collective (TNC)?

TNC makes it is simple for many people to help families in crisis

TNC stands for collective giving i.e. the community coming together to help those in need

We believe that we all have a duty to help those in need

We support families in crisis and mothers in shelters who struggle to cover basic needs for their young children, causing stress, financial difficulty and health challenges for babies.

Donating unused nappies assists affected families in caring for their children by relieving them of short term challenges and stress.


Where do the nappies go?

We do not distribute nappies directly to individuals. The nappies collected are distributed to organisations that support families in crisis, mainly women’s crisis shelters and refuges, mothers facing homelessness and community organisations. 

click here to see the list of beneficiaries your nappy and financial donations support.

Do you accept cloth nappies?

We do not accept cloth nappies. Unfortunately cloth nappies are not practical for the families we assist as they do not have access to private laundering facilities. On average a baby can use 50-70 nappies a week which requires a significant cost and time commitment to laundering. The families we assist are already facing very stressful circumstances so we aim to provide them with the easiest nappy options possible. 

Do donated nappies need to be in their original packaging?

We will happily accept unused nappies from open packaging. The nappies however must be clean. Labeling the size is extremely helpful too!

There are no Drop Points near me, how can I get them to you?

Our drop points are expanding with each collective, so stay tuned each collective for our list of drop off locations.

Can my home / private residence be a Drop Point?

For safety and privacy reasons we do not advocate the use private residences for drop points. 

Do you accept other baby goods?

We will only accept disposable nappies. We are part of a network of amazing not-for-profits who accept baby goods. Here are just some of them:

Dandelion Support Network 
St Kilda Mums
Mummies and Babies in Need (Facebook page)
Big Hug Group
Little Things for Tiny Tots (Facebook page)